Ultralight Bug Bivy:


This is our ultralight bug bivy, constructed with .7oz no-see-um netting. It is very close in design to our standard bivys, but with a full netting top. This allows for complete bug protection while also having unparalleled breathability. The bottom is made with waterproof 1.3oz silpoly

-4.9oz for Standard/Standard with a chest zipper

-5.3oz for Standard/Standard with a side zipper

- Side zipper is in same configuration as our Side Zip bivys, with the zipper
going across the chest, and then down the side 20". #3 YKK zipper with dual pulls.

By default it extends down the left side, but we can do a right side as well for the same price. Just email us about it.

-Includes tie-points at the head and foot end to pull the netting off the user. Includes two lengths of shock cord to ease the stress on those points.

-Stake loops at footbox and head-end

- Stuff sack included

- Made in Montana


Length: Standard fits users up to 6'1", Long fits users up to 6'4"

Width: Standard is 73" in girth at the shoulders, 66" at the feet. If the user is under 180lbs, use a regular width.

Wide is 78" in girth at the shoulders, and 68" at the feet. If the user is 180-220lbs, use a wide. If you use a 25" wide pad, go with a wide regardless of weight.

For users over 220lbs or 6'4", please contact us for custom sizing. Custom sizing is free in nearly all cases.

Each oversize option (long length, wide girth) adds about 0.25oz, so a long/wide would weigh ~0.5oz more

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Please check the homepage for lead times before ordering to see the date when your bivy will be sewn and shipped.

Sizes - Chest Zipper
Sizes - Side Zipper
Made in the USA



Contact us:

Any questions? Send us an email at support@borahgear.com, and we'll help you out!


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Ultralight Bug Bivy


Ultraight Bug Bivy


Ultralight Bug Bivy