Cuben Bivy:


This is the lightest bivy we offer, weighing in at 4.1oz with standard chest zipper. This bivy is for the serious ultralight backpacker who wants to save as much weight as possible.

Standard Features:

-0.8 oz Dyneema Composite Fabric floor

- Argon67 breathable/water resistant ripstop nylon top fabric

- 0.5oz Noseeum mesh window

- #3 YKK zipper across chest

- 4.1oz for standard length/standard girth with chest zipper

- 4.35oz for standard length/standard girth with side zipper

- Grosgrain pullout to keep netting off face (shock cord included)

- Double-stitched seams

- Stake loops on footbox

- DCF cuben stuff sack included

  • Sizing:

- Standard length fits up to 6'1 comfortably, Long fits to 6'4

- Standard girth is 73" at the shoulders and 60" at the foot, fits most users

- Large sized girth is 78" at the shoulders and 64" at the foot. For users larger then 220lbs or over 6'4", please contact us for custom sizing. Custom sizing is free.

- Each oversize option (Long length, wide girth) adds about .1oz. So a Long/Wide would weigh ~.2oz more

  • Side zipper option:

- Adds a zipper that goes across chest like normal, but then turns and runs down the side for 20"

- Standard zide zipper goes down left side, but right is available for free, just send an email after buying that you want the zipper on the right

  • Note: Although the DCF cuben fiber bottom is a very strong fabric for the weight, a little care should be taken when selecting a site to use. Clear the place you plan to sleep of any rocks or sharp objects. In case of a puncture on the floor (this should be rare with proper site selection), duct tape can be used as a semi-permanent repair. Cuben patches are also readily avaiable on the web for cheap.


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Chest Zipper
Side Zipper
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