Bug bivy:


Need protection from bugs, but don't need the protection of a full bivy? Well, we've got the bivy for you then!

This is our bug bivy, made with .7oz no-see-um netting. It is very close in design to our standard bivies, but with a full netting top. This allows for complete bug protection while also having unparalleled breathability. The bottom, like the rest of our bivies, is made of grey 30d silnylon.

- 6.0oz for Standard/Standard with a chest zipper

- 6.5oz for Standard/Standard with a side zipper
- Side zipper is in same configuration as our Side Zip bivies, with the zipper
going across the chest, and then down the side 20". By default it extends
down the left side, but we can do right side as well for the same price. Just
contact us about it.
- Silnylon stuff sack included

- when the user is inside the bivy, the silnylon lifts up the sides a few inches, giving protection from groundwater

Sizing is the same as Standard bivies, please see those for reference.

Netting has a grosgrain pullout at the top to pull the netting off of your face and body.


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Sizes - Chest Zipper
Sizes - Side Zipper

bug bivy

bug bivy 3

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