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November 24 2017 - 5th annual Black Friday sale

(updated 11-24)


The Black Friday sale is now live, and all prices on the website reflect that sale. Some important things to note:

1) Lead times currently are right around 3 weeks, perhaps a little shorter. However...it is always tough to say how much the times will increase after that sale. If you order during the morning, it'll be closer to 2.5-3 weeks, later in the day could get close to 5 weeks. It'll all depend on how many order, and I will update the lead times tomorrow to reflect this.

2) The sale runs from 6am MT today to 6am MT tommorow (the 25th). That is it, so if you have any questions but know that you want to order, place the order now and ask questions later. We'll be answering emails as the day goes on, but may not get to your email until Saturday or even Sunday. Once 6:01am rolls around tommorow, the Paypal buttons will go back to their normal prices and the sale is over.

3) If you're not seeing the sale price on the given product you're looking at, hit F5 to refresh the page, as it may be stored in your browser's cache and not showing the up to date page until you refresh.

4) As always, down garments are exempt. Margins are too slim on those to discount them any further.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!



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