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May 2017 - Announcement on lead times, stock


This has been quite the busy year so far, and as we were at a 5+ week lead time for most of the past couple of months, we are using May as a "catch-up" month, and won't be taking any new orders during that time. I don't like running that long of lead times, and would like to get it back to a more reasonable 1-2 weeks from order date to ship date.

This will not effect existing orders at all. Everyone's orders will be shipping in the time they were quoted when ordering, or even before.

Thank you for being patient as we catch up. We're a very small team, and it's going to be a busy month! I'll update on progress as we go.

Update 5-24: Things are going well, progressing as planned. We are about halfway through the backorders, and plan to be finished by around the first week in June. We're then going to build up a bit of stock, and will re-open for new orders around mid-June.


Thank you!

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